Yesterday was Friday! See the trees our first derecho took down, the most beautiful ancient tile floors, a Nashville abode, and the controversial basket I bought

Hello, yesterday was Friday (Rebecca Black vibes) but we had no power so here’s my highlights of the week on Saturday! The shop will be up and running again next week.

Instead of glitter, we’re throwing some patterns around today – in mosaic tiles both new and old in this week’s home tour, and in a major archeological discovery unearthed this Spring.

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Ancient Floor Inspo: Have you seen the amazing ancient tile work uncovered in Italy under a vineyard? The intricate mosaic work in blues and corals are majorly inspiring, and would fit in in a modern decor scheme or any “selfeet” on the addicting ihavethisthingwithfloors account on insta. The dig site dates back to the 3rd century and was discovered in the 1920s under a vineyard, and has just this past May been successfully excavated to reveal its beauty.

El Derecho: As I mentioned yesterday via LTE and my iPhone 7, this Wednesday a derecho hit our area (aka severe thunderstorm with tornado force winds minus the cyclone). Pictures after the jump. Okay it’s not “el derecho,” it’s just called a derecho but I keep saying it like it’s El Nino. We lost four trees and power for 48 hours, and thus found ourselves on a sweaty, mandatory staycation with 80+ degree indoor temps and exhausted, traumatized little kids.

tree falling in backyard derecho

Above, you can sort of see the first tree that fell already on the ground in front of this wild cherry tree that was on its way down. We contacted the tree removal company we’ve worked with before and they said we’d need a crane…but a second round of storms later on Wednesday finished the job, and took out another tree to boot (the one with the split trunk behind the gate in the picture above).

felled tree across backyard derecho

Here they are as they look currently – for scale, those azalea bushes are 6-7 feet across each, and the gate on the right side is about 4 feet across. We’ve got probably 100 feet of trees across the backyard right now. We’re tree people and are so sad to lose these beauties, but so thankful we’re all safe.

Our controversial new decor: I had been on the fence about a new basket for a couple of weeks that I couldn’t get out of my head, so I decided to go for it. Sean opened the package first: “What’s that spiky thing? Is that for inside or outside?” The kids couldn’t stop smiling at it but don’t quite see what it’s supposed to be. It’s in our entryway now. I’ll share pics of our summer updates in there soon so you can see it.

Home Tour: Take a trip down to Nashville to tour the home of model Lily Aldridge and her rocker husband Caleb Followill. It’s designed by Pierce and Ward, with the major influence being a combo of moroccan and English elements. Her gorgeous kitchen is above (I’ve never seen mosaic hex tiles on walls – it’s something I never knew I wanted), and there’s a video walkthrough tour too.

Still the best pajamas: If you’re in search for perfect breathable pajamas, look no further than my favorite pair. They keep you perfectly cool without tugging and are also classically cute so you feel put together even though you’re cozy as can be. This week I got them in a short sleeve/ shorts combo that seems to go out of stock often – here’s another short sleeve style that’s got an almost tank top and probably even better for hot weather.

– Maura

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