handcrafted, eclectic, original designs

Textiles have a unique ability to reinvigorate a space, quite literally making you see it in a different way by creating a new path for your eye to follow. The possibilities for personalization and expression through different combinations are endless, and that is why I am drawn to designing textile and pillow collections.

The name Motif Motif is a play on words that echoes pattern, like the aesthetic of my textile collections: pattern on pattern on pattern. Scale and texture are balanced to create fabrics and decorative pillow covers that can be worked into your home piece by piece or in curated combinations. I don’t isolate my collections from one another, and instead constantly keep past designs in mind as I create new ones, so that you can effortlessly mix and match pieces over time as suits your taste and mood.

The effect is an instantly collected, layered interior – a coordinated but eclectic look, as if timeworn fabrics have been collected over the years.

My inspiration is drawn from a variety of aesthetics and whatever strikes me in daily life. Stirrings of color and the movement of patterns are more a stream of consciousness than a look that was ever considered part of a “finished” room. This approach creates a look filled with personality and visual interest that evolves with you and your home.

…an instantly collected, layered interior – a coordinated but eclectic look, as if timeworn fabrics have been collected over the years.

Not Just Olive Green

eco-friendly with minimized waste and carbon footprint

fabric pile of linen and organic cotton
Pigment dyed fabrics that are sustainably printed and Oeko-Tex 100 certified

olive ombré watercolor giclée print
Archival quality art prints printed on demand to minimize waste

signature monogram fabric linen texture detail
US-based printers and components to minimize carbon footprint

Fabrics You Can (and I do) Live With

soft, durable and machine washable

In creating beautiful accents for your home I prioritize quality and ease of care. As a mom to two toddlers, I have no place for untouchable things. It’s equally important to me that my belongings be attractive and functional at this stage.

Everything is machine washable. High quality finishing creates pillow covers that are meant to last: durable brass zippers stripe across them like jewelry, seams are serged, and stress points are reinforced.

I use Motif Motif pillows in our house. They’re beautiful, but not ornamental. Right now, they’re in our family room, our den, and the kids’ rooms. They’re all over the floor in a play teepee, and all over the floor in our family room half the time. We spot treat TV dinner drips and machine wash to prevent dust build-up.

For specific fabric care instructions, see the Fabric Care page.