It’s Friday! We have no power and three fewer trees!

Hello, it’s Friday! Quick and dirty post today, we have no power and I’m blogging from my iPhone 7 – thumb cramps commence!

I’m sorry I missed last week. I decided to do some listening and reflecting instead of blogging. I see and hear you all out there.

So we learned what a derecho is this week, as we watched clear skies shift to a wind so strong 1.5 trees were knocked over in literally the blink of an eye as we ate lunch on Wednesday. After having to seek shelter the second time, the tree half standing had fallen and taken out another one, drastically changing the feel of our yard. And I’m talking enormous, hundred-foot plus trees with roots ball taller than we are. Apparently you can have hurricane/tornado force winds without the cyclone?!? Thanks for introducing yourself so dramatically with your 85 mph winds, el derecho. Okay there’s no el, but I feel like there should be like there in El Niño so I keep doing it subconsciously. Thankfully we’re all safe.

The trees are too big to fit in a non-panoramic shot, but here’s a look at what we’re dealing with. The root ball is on the far right by the standing tree trunk, and is about 9 feet tall. In an apparent overreach of the condescending presumption of autocorrect into the foray of formatting, the rest of the pics are trying to upload upside down, so that’s all for now, folks. I’ll get better pics and share once we’re connected.

Oh and clearly I can’t sell you fabric right now. Hopefully this week, but I’m off to enjoy a mandatory vacation without tethers to society…or A/C.


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