It’s Friday! I toured a colonial, baked, bought cloth napkins, pampered my feet, and had a scavenger hunt

Hello, it’s Friday! Throw glitter or something.

How is it already April? We’re already 25% of the way through 2020. Regular life is on hold right now, and we’re adjusting as best we can around here, and trying to look at self-isolation as an opportunity to make some positive changes around the house and enjoy extra time together from not having a commute.

Here’s some random things I’ve been into, and things I recommend checking out. I’m stumped for a series name for this – maybe it will involve glitter*. Just a little celebration of the highlights of my week, worth sharing with you.

* Side note: What a powerful little “g” – it’s interesting how one little letter transforms a word from trash to fabulous.

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green and yellow leopard print pattern mixing living room

Home Tour: There is some aggressive pattern mixing befitting the home of a Scalamandr√© textiles co-president (Mark Bitter) in this circa 2007 home tour. The only space I’m not into is the family room – maybe we’ll dig into that one of these days. Spoiler alert: that living room uses the palette I’m considering for our current master bedroom and/or sunroom. It’s reinforcing my vision.

We baked this recipe to use up leftover oatmeal and it was a major hit. I hate tossing out half of breakfast on the days the kids aren’t that hungry, and we had enough leftovers this week to make two loaves. It was eaten for a snack every day this past week. I used white whole wheat flour (not pastry as listed in recipe) and mixed in our salvaged oatmeal, remaining berries and all.

For a pick-me-up: I was going through my oldddd bookmarks in my browser and rediscovered Emergency Compliments – a no frills source of quick self-esteem boosting gems for when you’re feeling low. It’s shameless flattery that might even give you a chuckle. Refresh as many times as you need until you feel better.

Waste Not: We’re trying to be more mindful of environmental impact and wastefulness, and have been meaning to get cloth napkins for a long time to cut down on paper towel use. We figured now was the time, so there’d be one less thing to worry about re-stocking as often now that we’re getting so many staples delivered these days. This week we finally went ahead and ordered these flax hemstitched napkins. So far, so good. They have a lovely mitered corners and deal with oily popcorn hands very well.

Self-pampering: You know when you go to get a pedicure and the tech asks if you want the razor altogether too loudly and you hang your head and mumble yes? Since the salon’s out right now, I found this foot file to use at home and it’s transformative and made me like my feet again. We don’t have to talk about it. Just know it’s worth it.

rubber ducky flashcard on white brick fireplace

For the Kids: Some of my cameo illustrations at Bark & Burrow are now available as printable flash cards, and my kids have had a blast hiding them around the house, and playing word matching games.

– Maura

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