It’s Friday! Tour a Birmingham designer’s custom home, see our backyard dining area, and the new picture hangers I’m a little too psyched about

It’s Friday! I’m actually posting on a Friday again, trying to get back into a routine after this last maelstrom of a month (sort of literally here, we had some storm drama and damage). I hope you’re well and safe out there.

We’re back to a good old glitter toss to celebrate the upcoming weekend, this time with Will Ferrell.

will Ferrell on Fallon show glitter toss

We’re also celebrating that I achieved my goal of doing a load of laundry every day this week. The look on Will’s face captures my acknowledgement that this is a fleeting battle victory in an ongoing war against soiled clothes that is far bigger than you and I and will endure forever. But these little victories feel good.

Just don’t look at my dish backlog in the kitchen sink. Reality: trying to run a business as a stay-at-home-mom (aren’t we all these days?) and a household is a balancing act. Forever working on it.

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traditional living room of home tour Caroline gidiere

Home Tour: Tour the custom Georgian home of lawyer turned interior decorator Caroline Gidiere, in Birmingham, Alabama. Pattern abounds, there’s an amazing furniture layout for long narrow living rooms (partially seen above, for more angles check out the tour) that I might need to try in our sunroom, and there’s a closet hidden behind a bookcase that speaks to my lifelong dream of having a home with a secret passageway.

Backyard updates: The trees knocked over during el derecho are mostly sawed up and hauled off. There is a root ball, and I quote our tree removal expert “with a hole the size of a car” that they’ll have to bring back heavy machinery to re-set, and a lingering dangling huge branch they need some sort of equipment to pluck down as well. But the yard is more usable now. We’re going to be looking into planting some new trees to make up for the lost ones, but we need the stump fixed first.

I shared on instagram (have we met yet over there? I love finding new accounts to follow!) that we finally set up a patio dining area off the kitchen, and I have to say we have been loving the option to eat outdoors. Definitely wish we’d done it sooner. The table was a gift from my parents that have yet to spray paint, and the end chairs were from Target last year but I linked a great looking pair Target has now that I just might need to get a set of. We got the umbrella last year and it’s held up great – it’s black, but definitely reads more gray and sometimes I wonder whether it’s a little blue depending on the lighting. Either way it’s a great neutral stripe.

New picture hanging discovery: I’m always talking about how I’ll reveal our spaces when I finish hanging artwork, and I’m making progress. I finally went to hang some pieces and realized I have a lot of table frames and some I’ve used for leaning that have no hardware. In researching hardware options I came across these nifty brass nails that have a plate to help distribute the load of artwork so you don’t have those irritating growing nail holes from wiggling nails that make patching more work when you want to reposition frames. I’m hoping it’ll be a better option than the little hook hangers that tend to make my frames tilt forward more than I care for. I also picked up some more picture wire and these d-rings for frames that need hardware.

Stay safe, be well. Hopefully next week I’ll have some updates to share of our room screen vignette hiding our elliptical. Have a great weekend!

– Maura

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