It’s Friday! Tour Robert Kime’s London Flat, Entertain the Kids, and Have a Happy Mother’s Day

Hello, it’s Friday! No one throws glitter like a Mother’s Day GIF. What a hardcore celebration. I have way too much fun finding these every week.

spice walls and leather tufted chairs in dining room robert Kime london flat
still from Robert Kime flat video tour, link below

I hope you’re able to celebrate this weekend, even if you can’t be together. Here’s the weekly roundup of random things we’ve been up to, and things I recommend checking out.

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This week I unexpectedly entertained our kids for quite some time with this little tool I finally remembered to order. They even built little Lego versions for themselves to help with the sofa.

Home Tour: Okay something about Robert Kime must be in the air. I’ve been talking about him here in my inspiration for our TV room, and now you can hear his thoughts on his background and tour his London flat in a video tour released this week! It’s so fun to see the scale of it all and see his collections close up and hear their stories. He even mentions the screen I featured in my post on hiding our elliptical.

Studio Updates: You can see my fabrics that are now available by the yard on the new Fabrics page here. As you may have seen on Instagram, I am in the process of proofing more designs and colorways in linen cotton.

Spring Vibes: Add a shot of color to your instagram feed with the artful floral arrangements and jewelry designs by Rebekah Kreiger of Verdigris Gifts. And she grows the flowers in her own backyard. Her original jewelry is available in her Etsy shop.

For the Kids: We’re trying not to watch too much TV, but on rainy days I do use it to break up the day. Some trending show recommendations that are floating around for kids shocked me with profanities (I’m clutching me pearls as I looking at you, Nailed It!), leading to abrupt internet connection dropouts and sudden spurts of coughing. If you have little kids like me, check out Disney’s Mira, Royal Detective. The mysteries have me struggling not to roll my eyes at times, but it does teach kids some deductive thinking skills, and even I’m learning new things about Indian culture. The music will be stuck in your head forever, but it’s also some of the best kids show music I’ve heard. Also it’s been fun to hear the voices of many actors I recognize in the cast.

That’s all this week. Hope you all have a reflective, happy Mother’s Day weekend!

– Maura

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