It’s Friday! Tour a California eclectic stunner, Learn about the Link Between Polka Dots and my Self-Worth, and Have a Happy Memorial Day!


Hello, it’s Friday! Before I share this week’s home tour, let’s celebrate with some glitter, tossed by none other than the queen of pop herself, miss Britney Spears.

Britney Spears throwing glitter

We’re in full vegetable garden set up mode, and the pool is open but it’s too cold to swim, so we’re just watching with baited breath as squirrels and chipmunks go up to the edge to investigate. None have taken a dive – yet.

How are you doing? This week has been kind of mope town around these parts, due to a file loss for a design, and just reading too much news. I really have to limit my intake these days.

Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to around here this week.

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Home Tour: This week’s home tour is an oldie that has been a major source of inspiration for our house. Its interiors are by the expertly eclectic designer Rita Konig, and it speaks to me. Wood panelling, painted wood floors, and just enough pattern abound. I love the color selection and the sunroom especially.

Studio Updates: New shelving units are arriving today to help get the studio in working order, and I’ll be sewing up pillows with the supplies I do have. It will be a small-batch situation, as my zipper suppliers are not currently operating. I am sampling new fabric designs as well.

I had a snafu this week, with my original design files for my well-loved polka dot fabric going missing – so I am re-creating the pattern and might make some changes. I’ll be making pillows with the fabric I have left in the studio, but going forward, it might look a little different – in a good even better way. Sean sagely reminded me not to base my self-worth on polka dots. Apparently I give them too much power.

overstock / amazon / target

In the Yard: With today being the exception, we’ve had sunshine here all week. I finally planted some flower seeds I bought ages ago, and I’m hoping they bring some color to our largely evergreen gardens that we haven’t done anything with since moving in. I also ordered some bistro style patio chairs that I’m ridiculously excited about – links to places they’re available are above. I got white, but they have the Serena & Lily dupe look for less with the colored weave as well. Overstock has the best price at the time I’m writing this. I may go back for brown and white ones to complement.

They’ll be set up around an old patio table I need to spray paint that was gifted to us by my parents when we moved in that’s been in its own little junk pile behind the garage for two years (oops).

We’re getting our square foot garden set up this weekend, and I created a guide with details on everything you need to get started.

That’s all she wrote. Have a Happy Memorial Day weekend!

– Maura

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