It’s Friday! Take a Before Tour of Our First House, See the Spatula I Reach for Everyday, and Have Some Fun in the Sun

before kitchen and living room hallway

Hello, it’s Friday! Let’s throw some glitter to celebrate with a baby goat this time around. Doesn’t it help, just a little bit?

Good. I’m glad your spirits are lifted. The weather is finally seasonally appropriate, so now that it’s going to not drop to freezing this weekend we’re busting out the patio furniture and water table for the kids, opening the pool to balance chemicals without the pool company for the first time AND starting to set up a vegetable garden with these raised beds I ordered.

Did I mention I have the blackest thumb? My house is a graveyard for plants yet this pandemic is making my squandered hunter gatherer instincts compel me to grow our own produce since I can no longer make my weekly hunts to the grocery store.

Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to around here this week.

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Home Tour: This one’s a cute little rambler foreclosure “before” tour – of our first house! The top photo is a peek, go check it out. I took you on the exterior tour a few weeks ago, and now you can see the interior.

Studio Updates: Before there was a pandemic ahold the world, I had ambitions to hire a local seamstress to help with decorative pillow production. That plan is on hold, but I’m trying to get the studio set up for sewing to see if I can juggle pillow making on top of everything else running a business entails…and also parenting. I’ll keep you posted. I ordered a gorgeous new lamp shade to make into a pendant for my fabric cutting table – I’ll have to post a studio tour once it’s in working shape.

In the Kitchen: My favorite spatula met an untimely demise in an unfortunate run-in with our dishwasher’s heating element. I ordered a new one this week, and I have been amazed at how much I’ve missed it. It’s the perfect bowl-scraper and general use spatula, and I found myself reaching for it almost every day – definitely when I was trying out a new snack bar recipe and baking muffins. I’m trying to bake/make at least one healthy snack from scratch a week to cut down on the grocery delivery burden. I’ll be posting some of our favorite recipes soon.

That’s all I’ve got this week. I hope you get to enjoy some sunshine this weekend! Stay safe out there.

– Maura

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