It’s Friday! Get your pattern on with Gloria Vanderbilt, check out new velvets, and get a freebie art print

Hello, it’s Friday! Forget the glitter, look at Gloria up there throwing florals ALL over her room…and pants. How’s the weather where you are? I’m excited for a forecast of warmth and sunshine after a string of unpredictable rain keeping us cooped up all week.

I hope you’re well. Here’s some random things I’ve been into, and things I recommend checking out. Here it goes.

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pink-gingham sofa and dress-gloria-vanderbilts-homes

Home Tour: Lettuceware! Gingham on gingham! Sculptural metallic mirrors on either side of more gingham! All this and more in one room! Get lost in the fearless explosion of colors and patterns in the homes of Gloria Vanderbilt. I came across this pink gingham number in an article sharing the news the Anderson Cooper is now a father – look at him as a boy on the left in his little red shoes! Can I use any more exclamation marks?!

New fabrics page and gallery: I have a new fabrics page to shop, where you can find those photos I promised in a gallery under the swatch thumbnails.

floral bud block print velvet pillow on tufted bench snuggling blanket

As I shared last week, my block print floral bud velvets are now available by the yard.

Freebie Alert over at Bark & Burrow. I’m getting back to my goal of listing an art print a week for free so everyone can have a little something new to print out and cheer them up while stuck at home. This week is my squirrel cameo.

My new favorite PJS: UPDATE: I’m obsessed with these new pajamas. They’re adorable in navy with their classic white piping, but I’d wear them even if they were hideous because they are the most comfortable sleepwear I’ve had in years. I’ve already washed them twice in one week so I can keep wearing them every night. Now I just need all the colors so I can never run out.

Stay safe out there as quarantines lift.

– Maura

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