It’s Friday! Get comfy in PJs, tour a brownstone, see new velvets, make great coffee and escape to Somerset

Hello, it’s Friday! Throw glitter or something. Is the weekend really the weekend when none of your weekly activities are happening? What a blur. This guy gets it.

I hope you’re well. Here’s some random things I’ve been into, and things I recommend checking out. I’m still liking the glitter reference but haven’t committed to a series name here. Virtual glitter? Feels fitting for some bright moments for the week, with none of the mess of real glitter.

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Rebecca Taylor brownstone yard with black and white striped balcony

Home Tour: Get ready for some amazing tile floors in this Brooklyn brownstone, which fashion designer Rebecca Taylor and her husband have updated in a way that honors its historical bones. What a dreamy black and white and green backyard!

New velvets are here! My block print floral bud velvets are now available by the yard. Colorways include Atlantic (an ocean blue), Ecru, Onyx, and Porcelain Green – a dynamic green named for the porcelain berry color variety that grows in our backyard. Expect details and more pics soon.

Creature comforts: We tend to turn to perfecting our coffee around here when life gets crazy. We’ve switched machines after both our kids were born, when we moved across the country, and our Covid-coping-coffee has taken us back to our trusty French press. Apparently we lost our stovetop kettle in the move, so we got this electric kettle which makes two large cups of coffee, perfect to share between my husband and me three times a day. What habits are you turning to for comfort these days?

A virtual escape: Be transported to the English countryside with the instagram account of Sean Anthony Pritchard. He makes casually tossing books, dripping candles and flower arrangements together in his home look effortless and enchanting.

Self-pampering: My quest for the perfect pajamas continues, but I ordered this classic set that gets good reviews. They arrive tomorrow and I’m so excited. Once they’ve been appropriately quarantined and tested, I’m hoping I’ve found a holy grail of comfort that won’t go out of production like my last favorites.

– Maura

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