Updates & Obligatory Coronavirus Coping Address

As of right now, my fabric supplier is still in operation. I’ll update if that changes.

FYI, I’m also posting pretty much this same ‘covid/reasons why’ post both here, and on my blog the Log at Bark & Burrow where my animal cameo illustrations live – I’m sure Google SEO hates that, but it’s the same me posting in both places, so here we are.

I decided to start blogging this Spring, after preparing for months. Actually, years. One major life event after another has delayed my efforts: baby number 1, house number 2, baby number 2, major health event, move across the country, house number 3, continued treatment. Because we planned the good ones, but what is it they say, we make plans, and God laughs, right?

And now, we have a pandemic.

I hesitate to move forward with the current state of the world, but the purpose of this blog and my designs remains the same, and is perhaps more important now than before the coronavirus took hold of the world and changed life as we know it. My goal was simple: A) first and foremost, to be a source of interior inspiration, and escape for readers, and B) to create and sell beautiful fabrics and illustrations that enhance people’s homes.

It all feels frivolous at this point in time, but I know the impact design blogs, books, shows and projects have had on me, personally, in difficult times. Interior design has been a form of therapy for me, with its initial comforts built upon the foundation of endless hours watching HGTV with my mother growing up. I love decorating, I love learning about different styles, and I love peeking into strangers’ houses on the internet exploring inspiring home tours to see how they’ve been decorated.

The coronavirus is hitting close to home for us, or more accurately close to our first house. My children were born in the hospital where the first US loss of life due to the virus occurred, and we lived just a few blocks away from there in Kirkland, Washington. It’s surreal to process. We have friends that still live in the epicenter outbreak. With friends far and near no longer accessible, writing is another way I hope we can stay a little more in each others’ lives, at least in spirit.

I hope my chronicles of our homes’ evolution is an escape of some kind for you; a positive distraction amongst the daily stresses and uncertainties we are all currently facing. Because I don’t know about you, but I sure need a break from the news.

Right now, I’m thankful I have little kids. They’re only 2 and 4, but very perceptive. We’ve decided to shelter them from the situation so they don’t feel the uncertainty we do – because there is no need for them to. We talk about it in front of them only abstractly, and very infrequently. We say hello to neighbors in passing, then distract with a new game. Our neighbors recently had their kids send ours a card, and we’re going to reciprocate and pass that idea along to other friends so we’re keeping in touch in a novel way that helps to distract from missing them. We’re hunkered down to minimize germ exposure (thankfully my husband is able to work remotely), but nonetheless taking advantage of fun learning resources to help promote good hygiene, like this catchy hand washing video starring Doc McStuffins, whose medical authority they deeply respect.

This week, we laminated so many things, and played a new animal scavenger hunt game that you can learn about at Bark & Burrow. (UPDATE: you can download the flash cards here)

We also listened to Christmas music, assembled a new laundry sorter I ordered when I realized I’d be stuck at home indefinitely and could no longer just drive away to escape our mountains of laundry, played dress up, and made hummus.

We’re just playing it by ear and trying not to watch too much TV. BUT I did just hear that Hallmark is running a Christmas movie marathon this weekend. Perhaps I spoke too soon about minimizing screen time.

Be well.


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