Motif Motif Signature Fabric Collection + a Rosy Floral

Fabrics inspired by my favorite color and the logotype for Motif Motif. Here’s the story.

The Beginnings of the Signature Collection

I have this thing for olive green. Like leaves in the background of a photo, it goes with pretty much everything, but doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. I knew it would be the signature color for Motif Motif from the start a few years ago. My eyes are hazel so it’s always been on my radar as a flattering color for me and a favorite to wear in my wardrobe. I also love olives. It is a colored neutral I like to have in my home and wardrobe (and martinis!) year-round because it subtly makes everything a little more special and just…better.

signature monogram fabric linen texture detail

So, I started with olive green, and black and white as my palette. With a palette established, next up was to determine the actual designs.

I decided to make this a collection of neutral patterns. What makes a pattern neutral? Neutral patterns not only coordinate with each other, but also go with just about anything. Just like neutral colors do. They’re also not trendy. This allows you to effortlessly mix and match with other pieces you have in your home, and build a stash that can rotate throughout different seasons and décor schemes.

The Designs

You may have noticed the logo is a monogram of two vertically overlapping ‘M’s. This creates the look of a single ‘M’ with a hollow but weighty diagonal stroke. I started with sketches and then moved to the computer to pick a font. And once I had that nailed down, I immediately saw the potential for an interlocking repeat.

olive and black linen canvas signature monogram fabrics

I had to shift it about a bit, and decided to line up the diagonal strokes. The result is the unique geometry you see: a wonderful and unexpected tessellated effect.

And thus was borne the Motif Motif signature monogram print.

The olive green watercolor design (that will soon be available in throw pillows!) was just as natural. It’s an original digital painting that I just pictured and knew it’d be stunning as an accent. I brushed it out quickly that same day. The wash of color juxtaposed with the geometry of the signature monogram print is just a perfect balance for the eye to follow.

watercolor and floral throw pillows

detail closeup of watercolor linen canvas

Fabrics, Phone Cases + Giclees, oh my!

floral iphone 7 case

The signature monogram print is available on linen canvas, a gloriously textured fabric that’s as durable as it is chic. The signature monogram fabric is available in the shop now (in both olive + onyx), and the watercolor is available in art prints. Yardage of the watercolor isn’t available yet as it doesn’t repeat, but throw pillows are coming soon!

A Pop of Floral

The signature collection is tiny with just these two prints, but impactful in its simplicity. It will probably evolve over time. To fill things out now and show its versatility, I’m introducing it with a pop of coordinating floral print.

Olive green and black foliage have crisp edges that are nested among the watercolor roses in pink quartz, peachy sherbet and yellow ochre. It’s available in organic cotton sateen, which is buttery soft and has almost a gentle glow to it thanks to to slight sheen of the fabric.

Pillows are soon to come in the floral as well, but for now it’s available on iPhone cases in the accessories and gifts section of new shop.

floral fabric organic sateen detail

As always, my fabrics are easy to care for. You can shop on the new shop here, or check the collection out on Etsy if you’re already a shopper there.

Shop the Signature Collection

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