It’s Friday! How are you? I toured a historic home with original woodwork, am getting ready for “back-to-school”, and put up a Christmas tree

ecru maple buds velvet pillow

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It’s already Friday again! How are you doing? Stir-crazy? Reflective? Finally accepting that your hybrid office and children’s creative space is not a viable option during a pandemic, and figuring out how to convert your dining room so it doesn’t look like a nursery school but functions like one?

All of the above? That’s where I am. Instead of blogging this morning, I spent time ordering “back-to-school” supplies and trying to pick a vinyl tablecloth I don’t hate so that I don’t have to take it off after every craft session. I found some good options, but I’m taking a break and will revisit later when I’ve not been in the trenches of comparing 20 options and evaluating how important flocking really is. Perhaps a round-up of favorites is worthwhile…

In the meantime, new pillows are in the shop, and I have a glorious home tour to share.

Also, we’re putting up our Christmas tree from Balsam Hill today. With COVID restrictions on the brain and how the holiday season might look different this year, I decided to research artificial trees since we’re likely not going to make it to our local tree farm for our tree cutting tradition. We bought it during their annual big summer sale – you’ve still got until August 17th to pick one up if you’ve been thinking about it. You can get them on their site, and they’re also on Amazon!

Home Tour: An oldie but a goodie, king of decoupaged-vintage-art-adorned-oddities John Derian’s 18th century home is a feast for the eyes with original moldings, built-ins and hardware throughout. Not sure I could live with the peeling wallpaper without feeling like things are festering, but he makes it look good with pared back furnishings that work with the charming if dilapidated florals.

Best Seller: This week’s top seller in the new shop was my pack of 2 face masks featuring my signature monogram print! The masks come in 4 sizes, and since they have elastic around the entire border of the mouth and nose area, you do want to make sure you measure first. You can see the full details here, or make a quick purchase with this nifty little mini listing here:

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. I hope you’re safe and well out there.


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